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Daily Uploads

. Happy Saturday Team! I am uploading a youtube video every single day until I turn thirty. It would be an honor if you subscribed. . My #1 Lesson From Gary Vaynerchuk (and more) | Q&A I appreciate all of your support. Subscribe here -Mike

How Do I Start? (A Simple Fitness Plan)

. You want tone and definition. To lose weight and keep it off. To feel stronger. To not run out of breath. And you don’t have a million dollars to blow on supplements or a trainer.  DVDs didn’t work. Neither did that weird fat-blasting contraption you bought for six easy payments of $19.99; which, by… Read more

Full Of Shit

It’s hard work… I’m actually lazy.. I talk a big game but I’m full of shit. My face got hot. And my stomach knotted in pain. I wanted to scream and punch something and explode, because the words hit me in such a raw place. My behavior does not align with my stated goals I want to… Read more

A Few Thoughts On Winning

. We know what to do. The reason we aren’t winning is that we just aren’t doing it. So, this post will not detail strategies like meal timing, foods that curb hunger, or optimal re-feed frequency. Rather, we will discuss high-level principles of winning.     How To Make Yourself A Winner . Pretend You Are Gretzky Whenever I don’t want to do something, I… Read more

7 Books That Changed My Life

. I get a lot of email. A shocking percentage actually go like this: “hey Mike – I see you reading books in your youtube vlogs – what books should I read?   Books are interesting because the state and needs of the reader are just as relevant as the quality of the book. So, what you will find… Read more

How To Track Macros And Calories In Sushi

. In This Post: Calories and Macros in Sushi Sushi vs Sashmi vs Rolls Sneaky Calories Is Sushi Healthy? . He says to me: You eat this much sushi AND have abs! You’re so lucky!!! I glare up from my sashimi platter to see our whiney antagonist chowing down his 5th California roll. Not his 5th piece, his 5th roll. Battling… Read more

Just a 15 minute coffee!

. From the back of my taxi cab, I snap a video:  Just landed in LA… going to be here crushing work for a few days! Get it team!! Over the next hour, I get tweets, snaps, and emails. Mike! Can you… Grab a quick workout while you are here?! Eat Chipotle! Discuss my new app that you… Read more

Will Anyone Go To Your Funeral?

Your life is the sum of everything you do. Not everything you think. Not everything you wish. Everything you do. You Can Change Today People always say: You can only change one habit at a time. If you try to change more, you will fail. That’s bullshit. If you want to turn your life around in… Read more