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The Biggest Mistake I Have Made As A Coach

Today is Saturday. I’ve been in bed with the flu for 4 days: headaches, vomiting, and a 101 degree temperature. So sadly, I have not been able to write you guys a proper article. In the interest of not going broke, I did slosh together a little something. It’s not so much an “article” but instead more aligned… Read more

11 Fat-Blasting, Metabolism-Boosting, Gift-From-God Foods You Must Start Eating Immediately To Get Ripped

Bad News: You will have to read more than headlines to derive any value from this post.  Good News: I write at a fourth grade level.  . We’ve all seen these articles. Best Fat Burning Food lists. This trash, written in four minutes and SEO optomized for four hours, is intended to bait under-educated folks into providing ad revenue or… Read more

A Letter To A Friend: How To Spend Your Time

. I just googled that. Literally, I just typed “how should I spend my time” in my chrome browser, putting full faith in Google’s algorithm to allocate the remaining hours of my life to specific activities and behaviors. Halfway thru a the clickbait-y top result, I decided that I was in a better position than… Read more

How To Be Confident

Dude, that cute girl who is a fan of yours is here. I pretend not to hear. “She is on the ladder machine. You should definitely go say hi.” A girl at the gym recognized me from the Internet once. Apparently she is here. I lay the 40 pound dumbbells by my feet and remove… Read more

What Is Reverse Dieting (A Comprehensive Guide)

Reverse dieting: slowly adding calories to your food intake over time. . In This Article: What is reverse dieting? Who should reverse diet? What reverse dieting IS NOT How exactly do you reverse diet? Is reverse dieting better than going straight to maintenance calories? FAQ INTRO Let’s pretend you want to compete in a bodybuilding show. You don’t,… Read more

A True Story: Sexting, Ice Cream, And Diet Haters

I’M STILL GONNA SEND NUDE PICTURES TO GUYS! Her words bellowed louder than necessary. It was clear she wanted to be overheard. Holding back a smirk, she continued addressing her friend: I WILL NOT LET ONE GUY STOP ME FROM SENDING NAKED SELFIES! At that point, the hero of our story, Sammy, had to enter the conversation. From a seat… Read more