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12 Life Changing Lessons My Dad Taught Me

You can be faster than Matt Overman. I was 13 years old. From the passenger seat I stole a skeptical glance of my Dad’s face while he drove. He looked honest. Which was crazy. Matt was fast as hell and the perennial captain of the “A” team. I was just cut from the program – no, not… Read more

Why I’m Creating A Macros App

  Note: If you hate reading, skip to the bottom for a video of this post.   The most important skill in fitness is learning how to track macronutrients. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear how many grams of protein, carbs and fats you should be eating for your goal. Yes, there are currently apps that do this for you…. Read more

11 Protein Myths Shattered

. Can I digest more than 30 grams in one sitting? Will my kidneys explode? How much protein should I eat for maintenance? Find Out Here:   1. Should I eat casein protein before bed? Consuming a slow digesting protein before bed, like casein powder or a dairy food source, will increase muscle protein synthesis while… Read more

Two Keys To Losing 150 Pounds of Body Fat

Yeah, but have YOU ever lost this much weight? You make a fair point. I used to be skinnyfat. And I was picked on. And I couldn’t get girls. But I was never obese. You don’t know how hard it is to lose 100 pounds! You’ve never done it!! While not logically air tight, your argument is… Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing (and why I don’t do it)

. It was early June, and my feet were up. Gary was grilling 95% Australian ground beef. I opened my gmail account. Kevin from xyz fitness company from wrote me. Well, kind of. Kevin didn’t actually write anything Kevin copy-pasted “swipe” written by another person then sent it to his “list.” The condescending and self-hate inducing subject line was my… Read more

Have A Good Run

. Tucked back in 22A. Fully caffeinated and slightly irritated. I was in the perfect state to smash my laptop keys the entire way from LA to New York. Then someone joined me in 22B.   Steve Was Alive Not like I am alive or you are alive. Head down, thumb swiping left and right, refreshing… Read more

The Hustler’s Workout Program

. A huge project at work. Or the sudden death of your mother-in-law. It could be that fitness isn’t a huge priority for you at the moment. Mike! What is the bare minimum I can do in the gym and not lose progress??   I call it the hustler’s workout. Because you are hustling on non-fitness aspects of… Read more