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Thank you for reading. I’m truly grateful that you’re here.

My name is Mike Vacanti and I’m an online fitness coach, Ben & Jerry’s addict (seriously) and averagely skilled writer.

You can see my client’s before & after pictures here or start working on yourself by grabbing a copy of The Beginner’s Fitness Guide.


What is this site?

Fitness information is generally terrible.

When it is decent, it tends to be eye-gougingly boring and monotonous.

Here, you will find quality content written in an (I hope) entertaining manner, to help you achieve your fitness goals while still living your life.

This is not for bodybuilding gym rats or athletes hoping to win the crossfit games.

Instead, this is about losing weight & becoming stronger and healthier while eating Ben & Jerry’s, enjoying some drinks on the weekend and living a fun and ‘normal’ life.

Yes, it is possible.


The Best Articles


Read this one first:

How To Count Your Macros (A Comprehensive Guide) if you haven’t heard of macronutrients, read immediately


Are You a Woman?

The Best Type of Training for a Woman


Curious about that whole drinking AND losing weight thing?

The Alcohol Regimen (Part 1 of 4)


Cardio vs. Strength Training vs. Counting Macros

Should I do Cardio for Fat loss?


Think calories don’t matter?

Calories Matter – Stop Bashing the First Law


Pissed and confused by the scale in your bathroom?

What Those Scale Weight Fluctuations Really Mean


Are you a newbie, but anxious about going to the gym?

The Beginner vs. The Buffoon

Why Gym Culture is Uniquely Enchanting


Can’t Stop Comparing Yourself to Others?

So You Feel A Little Insecure?


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