3 Year Life Update


November 1, 2019

Hello Hello Hello…

Things have been quiet on the blog!

Here are some quick bullet points from the past 3 years:

July 2016 – Finished my two year deal coaching Gary Vaynerchuk

August 2016 – Spent a few months in Minnesota training my Father into the best shape of his life

230 to 190, weak to strong, lethargic to energetic

Jan 2017 – Generally over-isolated myself from human interaction and experienced moderate but not unusual amounts of existential dread

March 2017 – Discovered Jordan Peterson

April 2017 – Continued helping online coaching clients around the world lose weight, get stronger, and feel amazing – something that I am fortunate gives my life a great deal of meaning

May 2017 – Accepted professional poker players Jaime and Matt Staples as in-person coaching clients for their one year #ultimatesweat weight loss bet

June 2017 – March 2018 – Hired the one and only Ben Hanratty to film me as I daily vlogged my travels coaching Jaime and Matt

March 2018 – Staples brothers win $150,000 weight loss bet! [Video]

Ultimate Sweat Champions!!! 188.1!

April 2018 – Reconnected with Gary and began helping him with nutrition.

June 2018 – Spent a summer living in an environment diametrically opposed to New York City… the countryside. Learned a lot

Sept thru Dec 2018 – Created and launched the Online Fitness Business Mentorship where one of my best friends Jordan Syatt and I help people build their online fitness businesses

February 2019Started actually reading the Bible for the first time in my life

June 2019 – Started back up training Mr. Vaynerchuk

Sept 2019 – Signed a book deal with Harper Collins. Target launch date: January 2021

Oct 2019 – Making serious moves here at On The Regimen Blog.

Which takes us right up to today…

Nov 1 2019 – 75HARD begins!!


A 75 Day Mental Toughness Challenge

Recently, I came to the realization that I am mentally soft.

I have disproportionately let my feelings drive my actions. And I’ve relied on “perfect circumstances” and external stimulation to drive positive behavior.

For example, I cannot remember a morning in the last three years when I replied to client emails without first pouring a cup of coffee.

But I don’t want to rely on anything external or material.

And to jumpstart my move in that direction, I will be embarking on Andy Frisella’s 75HARD challenge.

For the next seventy-five days I will:

  1. Workout twice per day
  2. Perfectly execute my nutrition plan
  3. Read 10 pages per day
  4. Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day
  5. Take a progress picture every day

You can learn more about my specific workout and nutrition plan in this video.

The purpose of this challenge is to build mental toughness.

Note: this is NOT a challenge built to optimally craft my physique. In fact, for many years and to this day I care very little about having a “perfect” physique. 

But I do expect this challenge to help me rediscover and further cultivate certain traits.

I am grateful to my client and friend Danny (who made an INSANE transformation) for bringing 75HARD to my attention.

I am also grateful to Andy for creating the concept (more info in his podcast here); Andy’s description of the challenge and its purpose spoke to me.

Alright… It has been too long and I’ve missed you guys.

You can follow my 75HARD challenge on my instagram @mikevacanti.

And expect more on this website soon.

Wishing you well,


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