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“You Are An Asshole”

. It was a warm weekday afternoon in late September. The kind of day you probably should have put on shorts, but already made a habit of wearing pants. Leaves turning colors, and the polarizing feeling of cool air blowing on your face and hot sun on your skin. I was driving from the Eden Prairie… Read more

12 Things I Learned From The Creator Of Nike

. Shoe Dog was the best book I have read in years. It is the origin story of Nike, written by Nike’s creator Phil Knight. I didn’t love the book because I love Nike, or because it’s well-written, or because it’s the first page-turner I’ve ever experienced in the audio-book format; though, those are all… Read more

Slings & Arrows

. A disproportion percentage of you guys are content creators, a function of my training garyvee. I know this, because I have answered hundreds of questions on how: how do I start vlogging? how do I get online clients? how do I explain to my girlfriend/parents/etc I want to quit my job and chase my passion… Read more

Impure Motivations & Legendary Outcomes

. My heart was racing. And my hands were sweating. I nervously took another step toward her front door. With a bouquet of roses in my left hand, my eyes were fixated on the doorbell.    At 16 years old, this was nerve-racking stuff. But let me be clear, this was not your ordinary boy… Read more

Some Unconventional Thoughts On Saving Money

. I love ‘aha’ moments. Mainly, because having one means I went 29 years without recognizing something, and a single sentence shifted my perspective. So, I really enjoyed this outlook on savings that Multimillionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bill Perkins shared while on the One Poker Life podcast: “Those who save money, generally save too much.”… Read more

How To Explain Fitness To Your Parents

. Once upon a time, in a city just like yours or mine, there lived a young man named Ricky. Smart, shy, and dorky; with great taste in fiction (house stark) and average taste in caffeine (red bull); Ricky was a good ‘ol authority-respecting boy. There was one additional quality Ricky had always… carried around with… Read more

A Week Off Social Media

. I spent the last week on a ranch. Turned off youtube, facebook, instagram, and sadly, even snapchat. I needed to reassess the underlying reasons for my grind Snorting lines of likes and injecting ego-stroking comments wouldn’t let me go to an honest place. I came to some funny conclusions, which I will share in… Read more

Rewire Your Brain: Ditch Results-Oriented Thinking

  I was only 16 years old. And I was playing poker during school lunch. Immediately after losing $20, I was caught by a teacher and sent to the assistant principal’s office. My chicken patty was left unfinished, effectively leaving prime adolescent gains on the table. But none of that bothered me compared to the words… Read more

Dear Lisa, Don’t Quit

. Dear Lisa, or melissa. or taylor. or any woman frustrated by the bathroom scale.  Please do me one favor: Don’t quit, keep going.    You want to lean out. You want to feel stronger. You are five weeks into your plan. And you don’t really care about the scale. But it would be nice to… Read more

Android Macros App – On The Regimen

The Android Macros App is live: Download Here Honestly guys, I was tired of answering emails about calculating macros. So I made this free nutrition app that should help you lose fat, build muscle, and stay on track. On The Regimen App Features: Equations that use lean mass to calculate calorie maintenance Training and Rest day macros A… Read more