How Do I Start? (A Simple Fitness Plan)


You want tone and definition.

To lose weight and keep it off.

To feel stronger.

To not run out of breath.

And you don’t have a million dollars to blow on supplements or a trainer. 

DVDs didn’t work.

Neither did that weird fat-blasting contraption you bought for six easy payments of $19.99; which, by the way, was far more clunky and awkward in real life than it was as demonstrated by the anabolically-enhanced Ken doll look-a-like during a 3:34am infomercial.

You are frustrated.

You are sick of all the crap and scams online.

And you just want a simple fitness plan to follow… 

Cool, I can help.

I am going to show you a simple plan to lose fat, look better, and feel better.

Just know this: there are a million ways to do it

  • Crossfit can work
  • Paleo can work
  • Bodybuilding can work
  • Tough mudders can work
  • P90X can work

That weird $120 infomercial product probably can’t work.

But everything else can work.

It is following the plan that is difficult.

Now, normally I would tell you to go read my free Beginner’s Fitness Guide.

But a few folks said 17 pages was “too long.”

And while you might expect an aggressive then-you-don’t-want-it-bad-enough-arrrgghhh retaliation if you follow my youtube or snapchat, I am actually empathetic to our frustrated readers.

So, let’s get into it.


Where Do I Start? (A Simple Fitness Plan)

Days 1 – 14: Log Your Food

Don’t worry about hitting exact numbers.

Simply track the protein, carbs, and fats in your food.

You can use an app like this to help you. Or you can use Google, Microsoft Excel, Notes, or pencil & paper.

If you are eating at a restaurant, use this guide to estimate.

Just log everything, and don’t worry about anything else.

  • The best protein source?
  • The best time of day to do cardio?
  • Whether strawberries or blueberries are better for fat loss?

(all real questions)

Don’t worry about it. Ignore all the minutia.

Just log everything you eat for the first 14 days.



Days 15-28: Hit Your Macros

You now have a decent idea how many calories per day you average.

You have also come to realize you eat a lot of carbs and fats, and probably not much protein.

You learned that nuts are not a good protein source.

Most salads have more calories than a cheeseburger.

And dozens of other myths and misconceptions.

Now the time has come… to take your tracking skills and set specific macronutrient targets for your body and goals!

You can estimate daily macro targets for your body right here.

And if you would rather simply count calories and protein, that is cool with me too!

Tracking is a necessity for the kind of results you want.

Well, technically you can make progress without tracking.

But it requires accidentally falling in a calorie deficit. A far better strategy is to track an ensure you make progress rather than blindly take a chance.

After months of tracking, you will be able to eat more intuitively/estimate your way to continued success.


Month 2: Do Some Exercise

Keep aiming for your macro targets, and don’t sweat it if you go over from time to time.

But now we are adding exercise.

And here is what you need to know: it literally all works

If you are a beginner man with gym access, start with Bigger Leaner Stronger.

If you are a beginner woman with gym access, Thinner Leaner Stronger.

If you are an intermediate, check out John Romaniello’s workout programs or Greg O’Gallagher’s workout programs.

No, those aren’t affiliate links.

Or… you can grab something for free online!

Just make sure you perform some exercises that incorporate multiple joints (compound moves). Also, work to make progress over time on amount weight lifted, number of reps performed, or reduction in rest times!

Don’t fall victim to the “perfect training program” mindset.

Just do something and do it consistently.

If you don’t have the money or the confidence to workout at a gym, perform these bodyweight exercises at home.

Three days per week.

  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Glute Bridges
  • Push Ups (hands elevated if needed!)
  • Lunges
  • Split Squats
  • Planks
  • Let-Me-Ins

Perform a handful of these exercises for 2-4 sets of each for 8-15 reps and take 30-120s rest between each set.

Now… onto the simplest yet most challenging part.


Months 3+ Keep Doing The Plan

Staying in a calorie deficit in the face of weekends, birthdays, weddings, the existence of ice cream isn’t easy for many of us.

Continuing to strength train through fatigue, stress, and overwhelming urge to do literally anything else in the world.

Performing the plan is 1000x harder than choosing the right plan.

And be honest with yourself.

If you kind of track four days per week then let loose on the weekends, don’t complain about not making progress.

Sure, you can have some drinks and still drop body fat, but you need to be smart about it.

Once you are done losing weight (you hit your goal, or you ) being a reverse diet.


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