A Few Thoughts On Winning


We know what to do.

The reason we aren’t winning is that we just aren’t doing it.

So, this post will not detail strategies like meal timing, foods that curb hunger, or optimal re-feed frequency.

Rather, we will discuss high-level principles of winning.



How To Make Yourself A Winner


Pretend You Are Gretzky

Whenever I don’t want to do something, I pretend to be someone who would do that thing.

Historically, that meant:

Too tired to shoot pucks? I was Gretzky.

Too nervous to talk to a girl? I was Mike Stone.

Too drained to estimate the macros in your last meal of the day? I was… me 😉

How do you win?

Pretend you are someone who wins.


Set Up A Reverse Bet

When you create an outcome more painful than the burden of doing your task, you will win.

For example, when I was 18 years old I vowed to pay my mom $100 if I ate any dessert food over a 3 month timespan. At the time, losing $100 hurt more than restricting dessert.

The result: I got a six-pack.


Recognize Your Own Mortality

“Be kind to others. Be excellent at your craft. Be honest as all hell. Be entirely you. And always be willing to die.”


Surround Yourself With Winners


This one is pretty straight forward.

Spending time with positive, hard-working people will rub off on you.



You should sit and meditate for 20 minutes every day – unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.

The busier you are, the more you need meditation.

Personally, just 10 minutes each day has dramatically increased my ability to focus on a single task for extended periods of time.


Have Tunnel Vision

If you want to be win at A, you can’t be dabbling in B, C, and D.

You need to say no to a lot of things, so you have time to focus on your top priorities.


Don’t Be Afraid To Hurt People’s Feelings

Obviously we shouldn’t march around intentionally hurting others.

But it is better to have an uncomfortable conversation than to carry a mental burden for days, weeks, or months.

Just rip the band-aid off.


Trust Your Intuition


Hope you’re having a great week team, let’s get it.

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