About Mike

Who am I?



My name is Mike Vacanti and I am shocked that with the entire internet as your playground, you are currently listening to me talk about myself.

I’ll try not to disappoint.

I used to work a high flying corporate job that was good and safe and supposedly rewarding, though I must have missed that part.

Why fitness is important (the truth)

Strength training and proper nutrition made me a better person.

It made me stronger & more confident. It made my interactions with friends and family better and more enjoyable. It increased the quality of relationships in my life. It even curbed some pretty severe anxiety & mild depression.

Basically, it changed my life.

And I want to pass this knowledge on to anyone who needs it.

Why listen to me?

For the last fifteen years, I’ve been studying nutrition and training for fat loss and muscle gain.

I have trained hundreds of clients in the gym and thousands on the internet.

I helped a woman lose 150 pounds of body fat. I have helped countless men overcome bedroom issues. I have helped teenagers use the barbell to find their way. I’ve helped doctors and teachers and students and lawyers and hair stylists and entrepreneurs and millionaire hedge fund analysts lose fat, gain muscle and change their lives forever.

I’m passionate about helping people through fitness. Every client I coach, every post I write: I’m here to serve you and make your life better.

And I’m damn good at it too.

Oh, you could also say I “walk the walk”

You know. Ben & Jerry’s, IPAs, training heavy and abs, of course.

Cherry Garcia

Alright, No More Nudity

I’m trying to keep this site PG-13 so my mom begins reading again.

Now, go grab a copy of The Beginner’s Fitness Guide or check out my clients’ slammin’ Before n’ After Shots.

Oh yes, my family dog. Meet Chloe. Despite lacking vision and hearing, she still loves sprints, scrambled eggs and snuggling in for a road trip.