The Hustler’s Workout Program


A huge project at work.

Or the sudden death of your mother-in-law.

It could be that fitness isn’t a huge priority for you at the moment.

Mike! What is the bare minimum I can do in the gym and not lose progress??


I call it the hustler’s workout.

Because you are hustling on non-fitness aspects of your life.

Below I will give you a detailed training program that you can follow during the busiest times of your life.

Because sometimes caring for a sick child is more important than your six day per week max hypertrophy program. Sometimes. Usually. Depending on what type of parent you are.


For instance, if you feed your sons to white walkers and reproduce with your own daughters, you would probably have no problem skipping daddy-time to get the appropriate volume for muscle growth.

Actually, this is a good thing. Gilly keeps her son. Little Sam keeps his life. And your name gets a legacy. So yeah, if you are anything like Craster, you should probably just keep training 6x/week.

But, let’s assume you are not a dead fictional character.

To abandon your training completely sucks. You will lose lean mass and more importantly, lose the positive life momentum associated with sticking to a good program.

So, I need you for 2 hours per week.


The goal of this program is to spend as little time on fitness as possible without losing progress


  • Frequency: Two workouts/week
  • Split: Full Body
  • Rest: At least 2 rest days between each session. Example: Wed & Sunday.


Men’s Program

Men Workout 1 (1)

Men Workout 2



Women’s Program

Women Workout 1 (1)

Woman Workout 2



Can I gain muscle, lose fat and make insane progress on this program??

Not really.

But you can avoid gaining fat, avoid losing muscle and potentially gain a little bit of strength while focusing your attention and energy on non-fitness aspects of your life!


What about cardio?

If you really want to do the bare minimum, I would not spend a single minute on cardio. We are looking at two total hours of fitness per week. And to get the highest possible return on that little time invested, cardio doesn’t make sense.


Where should my macros be?

Near maintenance. You can aim for a few hundred calorie surplus on training days and a slight deficit on rest days.

But to be honest, given how busy you are, I wouldn’t get too fancy here.


Why are the men and women programs different?

I have found men are more concerned with upper body progress. And women more concerned with lower body progress.

I have also found that women do better on slightly higher volume programs with slightly less rest, simply because most non-advanced women often struggle to bring proper intensity to low rep work.

Obviously, I am generalizing.

But it is fair to point out that I believe the “women should train exactly like men!!” rah-rah is a pendulum swing too far left, made in an honest effort to offset the (horribly incorrect) women-plus-weights-equals-bulky school of thought.

Bottom Line: There ARE small differences in the way men and women should train. But yes, women should obviously lift. Dear God. It’s 2015.


I’m sooo busy as work: Can I just train Saturday and Sunday?

You can, but training two days in a row then taking five days off makes little sense for maximizing your return on those two sessions. We are hitting many of the same muscle groups in each session.

So, find a way to train on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to complement your one weekend session.


I don’t have access to barbells 🙁

No worries. You can modify these movements for the equipment that you do have. You can do a goblet squat rather than a barbell squat, for example.


Is this the program Garyvee uses??

Nope. Between all the business, family time, travel and his NY Jets antics, GV is a machine and still manages seven hours of fitness stuff per week. His hustle is really quite unbelievable.

Even if his water-drinking sucks.


Mike: please drink this bro. Gary: Thanks,. I’ll just leave this full glass here and go to my next meeting.

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