The “Best” Fitness Program Of All Time


This is a goofy picture.

But I am actually in a serious mood.

I get a lot of emails.

Most of them are people asking for “tips”

  • Is paleo the best diet?
  • What’s the best arm exercise?
  • Can you give me the best training split?
  • What’s the best food to lose fat?

You guys… it all works.

This article is for 96% of people (excluding elite athletes and folks with medical issues).

It is for those of us, including myself, who want to get leaner, stronger, and healthier; we don’t need the “best” plan.

We need to actually do the plan.


How To Get The “Best” Fitness Results Ever


Nutrition must be aligned with your goal

Calorie deficit for fat loss

Some produce every day

Hit your macros

Or at the very least, get adequate protein

Drink lots of water

Train like you want to kill your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

No, seriously

Actually train with intensity

Do some compound movements

Sleep and recover

Practice progressive overload (add weight or sets/reps over time)

Any decent program will do

Personally, I have made crazy progress on John’s program and Greg’s program and my own programs… I even got abs in college doing p90x which most people in the fitness industry would deem a “shitty program”

Be patient

Don’t lie to yourself

Don’t pretend 30 day “transformation” pictures are real

Listen to coaches, trainers, and doctors you trust

Pay attention to who gives you information and what that person’s motivation is

When you fall off the wagon, jump back on quickly

And most importantly, stop using “best” program research to delay actually doing the work.

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