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The “Best” Fitness Program Of All Time

. This is a goofy picture. But I am actually in a serious mood. I get a lot of emails. Most of them are people asking for “tips” Is paleo the best diet? What’s the best arm exercise? Can you give me the best training split? What’s the best food to lose fat? You guys…… Read more

What To Do When Weight Loss Stalls (Plateau Advice)

It used to be easy. Every week, the scale dropped 1-2 pounds. This continued for months. Until now. Energy is low. Strength is dwindling. And the scale is stuck. But you still want to be leaner.    Weight Loss Stalls: What Should You Do? First, we need to establish if weight loss has actually stalled. The… Read more

The Biggest Mistake I Have Made As A Coach

Today is Saturday. I’ve been in bed with the flu for 4 days: headaches, vomiting, and a 101 degree temperature. So sadly, I have not been able to write you guys a proper article. In the interest of not going broke, I did slosh together a little something. It’s not so much an “article” but instead more aligned… Read more

A Letter To A Friend: How To Spend Your Time

. I just googled that. Literally, I just typed “how should I spend my time” in my chrome browser, putting full faith in Google’s algorithm to allocate the remaining hours of my life to specific activities and behaviors. Halfway thru a the clickbait-y top result, I decided that I was in a better position than… Read more

How To Track Macros When Eating Out At A Restaurant

In This Article: How to count macros in restaurant food Estimating nutrition facts in popular dishes Counting macros in home-cooked meals What to order at a restaurant . So, your crazy coach has you counting these things called macros. You are slowly getting used to it. Foods with labels are now pretty simple, like greek… Read more