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Will Anyone Go To Your Funeral?

Your life is the sum of everything you do. Not everything you think. Not everything you wish. Everything you do. You Can Change Today People always say: You can only change one habit at a time. If you try to change more, you will fail. That’s bullshit. If you want to turn your life around in… Read more

The Biggest Mistake I Have Made As A Coach

Today is Saturday. I’ve been in bed with the flu for 4 days: headaches, vomiting, and a 101 degree temperature. So sadly, I have not been able to write you guys a proper article. In the interest of not going broke, I did slosh together a little something. It’s not so much an “article” but instead more aligned… Read more

11 Fat-Blasting, Metabolism-Boosting, Gift-From-God Foods You Must Start Eating Immediately To Get Ripped

Bad News: You will have to read more than headlines to derive any value from this post.  Good News: I write at a fourth grade level.  . We’ve all seen these articles. Best Fat Burning Food lists. This trash, written in four minutes and SEO optomized for four hours, is intended to bait under-educated folks into providing ad revenue or… Read more

A Letter To A Friend: How To Spend Your Time

. I just googled that. Literally, I just typed “how should I spend my time” in my chrome browser, putting full faith in Google’s algorithm to allocate the remaining hours of my life to specific activities and behaviors. Halfway thru a the clickbait-y top result, I decided that I was in a better position than… Read more