How To Build Real Muscle: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Exact Workout Plan


Most of my clients are enrolled in online coaching.

Then I have Gary, who is my sole “traditional” personal training client.

Given his status, Gary often receives post-your-workout! requests.

gv workout

Like this one, from a fellow Gary

So, here it is!


GaryVee’s Custom Program


Goal: Maximize muscle gain, adding minimal body fat.

Time frame: August 2015 – February 2016

Nutrition: Gary is in a calorie surplus, aiming for 1.5 pounds of weight gain per month, eating relatively high carb, hitting his macros, not avoiding or fearing any specific foods, not following any fad diets, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Rest Times: RPT and 4-6 rep range work, we rest 3-5 minutes. For all other work, rest times are in the 45s-120s range.


Warm Up (preworkout)

Bike  – 3 minutes

Foam Roll (glutes, ITs, upper back)  – 3 minutes

Bodyweight Alt Reverse Lunges – 8/leg

Head Rolls – 6 each way

Bodyweight Glute Bridges – 15

Cat/Cow – 10

Quadruped Thoracic Twists – 6/side

Delt Stretch – 5s hold

Triceps and Lat Stretch – 5s hold

Big Arm Circles – 5/arm

Scorpion – 5/side

Hip Flexor Rock – 15s/side


Monday – Pull

A1) Chin Up or Lat Pull Down RPT – 3×5,6,8

B1) Single Arm Bent Over Row – 3×8-10

C1) DB Straight Leg Deadlift – 3×12

D1) DB Rear Delt Fly – 3×10-12

E1) Full Supination DB Curls – 3×12-15


Tuesday – Abs + Stretch

A1) Weighted Sprinter’s Crunch 3×8-10/leg

B1) Pallof Press – 3×10

C1) Power Breathing – 3x3x15-20


Wednesday – Cardio

Walk LISS 45-60 minutes, recumbent bike HIIT 20-25 minutes, or four games of hoops.


Thursday – Arms

A1) Alternating DB Curl  – 4 x 4-6 (90s rest)

A2) Weighted Diamond Push Ups – 4 x 4-6 (90s rest)

B1) Incline DB Curls – 3 x 10-12

B2) Overhead DB Triceps Extension – 3×10-12

C1) Incline DB Bench Press – 3 x 10-12


Friday – Yoga

Instagram: @mikevacanti

Our yoga sessions include a variety of long holds with a major focus on the hips, glutes, and lower back.


Saturday – Legs + Abs

A1) Bulgarian Spilt Squats RPT – 3 x 5, 6, 8

B1) Goblet Squat – 3×8-10

C1) DB Straight Leg Deadlift – 3×12

D1) Weighted Calf Raises – 3×15-20

E1) Weighted Cable Crunches – 3×8-10

E2) Medicine Ball Russian Twist – 3×15

E3) Bodyweight Bicycles – 3×25


Sunday – Chest

A1) Flat DB Bench Press RPT – 3 x 5, 6, 8

B1) Single Arm DB Floor Press – 4×12

C1) Overhead Triceps Extension – 3×10-12


4 Unconventional Muscle Building Tips

1. Train Everyday

Wait… you have to train every day to build muscle?!

Nope, not at all.

Personally, I train 3x/week. But Gary wants to train every day. He likes the momentum.

To accompany this, we reduce training volume per day, vary intensity of workouts, and explore training modalities outside of heavy compound movements.

Remember, there is no “optimal” training frequency. Stop analyzing. Stop procrastinating. And go do any strength training that involves multi-joint movements and getting stronger over time.


2. Hit The Abs Directly

Huh, I thought we got enough ab work from compound moves!

You probably do, actually.

But given the forementioned excess time, coupled with GV’s desire to have abs, direct abdominal training while in a calorie surplus makes sense. It facilitates greater growth than not training abs directly, so when the summer cut arrives Gary’s abs will show through at a slightly higher body fat percentage than they otherwise would.


3. Train For Strength Gains

Increased strength is correlated with increased muscle.

And while there are certainly benefits to doing work in high rep ranges, the primary goal of Gary’s training is to get stronger in the 4-6 rep range.

So if you are reading this, and particularly if you have fewer than a couple years of training experience, gaining strength will help you build muscle mass.


4. C-a-r-d-i-o.

Wait… Cardio? On a BULK?!

Yes, GV does some cardio, even though our goal is muscle gain.

Now, if you are a cardio bunny or a person who struggles to gain weight, I would advise you to do less cardio.

However, for the rest of us, there is one relevant benefit to performing cardio while building muscle and it is related to improved insulin sensitivity.

Performing cardio improves insulin sensitivity; improved insulin sensitivity results in better calorie partitioning.

Calorie partitioning, for those of the non-fitness-nerd variety, is our body’s ability to utilize excess calories toward muscle gain rather than fat storage.

What This Means: Performing some cardio probably assists in muscle gain and reduces fat gain.


If you have questions, I am happy to chat in the comments.

And if you haven’t picked up my Free Beginner’s Fitness Guide, that would be a good idea right now 😉 Get it here.

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