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How To Be Confident

Dude, that cute girl who is a fan of yours is here. I pretend not to hear. “She is on the ladder machine. You should definitely go say hi.” A girl at the gym recognized me from the Internet once. Apparently she is here. I lay the 40 pound dumbbells by my feet and remove… Read more

What Is Reverse Dieting (A Comprehensive Guide)

Reverse dieting: slowly adding calories to your food intake over time. . In This Article: What is reverse dieting? Who should reverse diet? What reverse dieting IS NOT How exactly do you reverse diet? Is reverse dieting better than going straight to maintenance calories? FAQ INTRO Let’s pretend you want to compete in a bodybuilding show. You don’t,… Read more

A True Story: Sexting, Ice Cream, And Diet Haters

I’M STILL GONNA SEND NUDE PICTURES TO GUYS! Her words bellowed louder than necessary. It was clear she wanted to be overheard. Holding back a smirk, she continued addressing her friend: I WILL NOT LET ONE GUY STOP ME FROM SENDING NAKED SELFIES! At that point, the hero of our story, Sammy, had to enter the conversation. From a seat… Read more

A Tale Of Motivation: Why I Am Risking My Entire Net Worth

. “Mom, sign this contract!” At 19 years old, young Mike desperately wanted six pack abs. But, there was a problem: our skinny-fat protagonist couldn’t stop binge eating chocolate chip cookies and apple crisp over Christmas vacation. So, he devised a strategy.   The Bet (2005) If I eat any “dessert food” from Jan 1, 2006 to March 31, 2006,… Read more

Core Strategies for Muscle Gain

Core Strategies for Muscle Gain and Gary Vaynerchuk’s workout plan.   <h3>Listen:</h3>