Allie, 26

Hey Mike,   The shower went well! I had a 0% fage yogurt in the morning after a run and let the rest of the day be a cheat… nice to eat some cookie & cupcakes!! Balanced them out with mini chicken sandwiches and veggies 🙂 Here are my progress photos. I put them side by side… Read more

Sarai, 30

Hey Mike – It’s been awesome working with you! I must admit that I was quite hesitant and skeptical about how this online training would work but it was honestly the BEST decision I could have made.  I loved the straight forward workout plans and the flexibility of being able to workout on MY time instead… Read more

Danny, 28

Mike – just wanted to thank you for your guidance, advice, and inspiration to be healthy Left Photo  – 213 lbs Right Photo  – 190 lbs I have made amazing gains over the last 7 months. Physically but even more mentally, Mike. Your drive inspired me and made me ask myself why can’t I be… Read more

Tina, 34

Mike, I kind of love you… Before  – 165 lbs After  – 144 lbs And I want to fall over and die right now because I will miss you and the program so much.  You seriously changed my life and I am so grateful. I swear to you if I wasn’t broke as f*ck I’d… Read more

Jon, 34

Thanks for everything, Mike! Before  – 185 lbs After  – 170 lbs This is the best shape I’ve been in my whole life. And I was surprised at how fast some of the results came. Now, everyone I know comments on how great I look. . show me more Testimonials I want to apply for Online Coaching

Yurany, 29

I feel greaaat! [MIKE: Yurany is down 8 pounds in 8 weeks and still going strong]  Left Photo  – 126 lbs Right Photo  – 118 lbs Still not quite where I want to be, but I’m happy with my progress. I’m so good at counting macros and reading labels now that I surprise myself ha!… Read more

Adam, 29

This program has been amazing and changed my life  Before  – 165 lbs After  – 147 lbs in so many fantastic ways. I’ve had better results than I ever expected and I’m really excited to be able to continue (I’d been dreading the last day coming pretty hard). I’m getting the pictures to add to… Read more

Dean, 27

When I started with Mike I was 200 pounds and weak.  Left Photo  – 200 pounds Right Photo  – 175 pounds Now, I’m 175 pounds, I finally have a six-pack, my chest, arms and shoulders are much bigger. I used to bench 40 pound dumbbells, now I use 90 pound dumbbells. I could only do 3 pull… Read more

Tom, 40

So, I met this guy Mike when I signed up for an online group coaching program. I didn’t realize at the time that he would pretty much change my life, and that I’d be writing a testimonial about myself. Which to me is crazy, but let’s back up a bit. There was a point in my… Read more

Barre, 26

When my professional football career ended, I weighed 302 pounds. I needed lose fat, mostly for my long term health. But, I didn’t want to give up all of the strength and muscle I built over the course of my career. I jumped on Mike’s training and nutrition program and lost 50 pounds, taking me from… Read more