Adam, 29

This program has been amazing and changed my life

 Before  – 165 lbs
After  – 147 lbs

in so many fantastic ways. I’ve had better results than I ever expected and I’m really excited to be able to continue (I’d been dreading the last day coming pretty hard). I’m getting the pictures to add to the email and have the before/after side by side – my wife is sitting here repeatedly saying ‘That’s crayzzzeeee!’. :) Thanks again, looking forward to begin the muscle gain routine!
Other results:
Heartburn – GONE
Sweating through shirts before 9:30am – GONE
Bodyfat – DOWN 10%
If you’re thinking about signing up for this, stop thinking and do it. This program has not only given me better results than I expected, but has taught me how to live a healthy life, work towards and achieve my goals, and stay sane doing it.


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