Dean, 27

When I started with Mike I was 200 pounds and weak.

 Left Photo  – 200 pounds

Right Photo  – 175 pounds

Now, I’m 175 pounds, I finally have a six-pack, my chest, arms and shoulders are much bigger.

I used to bench 40 pound dumbbells, now I use 90 pound dumbbells. I could only do 3 pull ups, now I can do 21. Mike taught me how to squat and deadlift with proper form – which, combined with diet, has increased my testosterone levels. I now have the confidence to be the person I want to be.

[MIKE: which appears to include shirtless costume parties making those ladies a bit giggly].

Also, the diet truly fit my lifestyle. I was allowed to go out to bars and clubs on the weekends while still dropping bodyfat and increasing strength. I knew that I needed a balanced program like this, and it worked. Training with Mike is the only program that has EVER helped me build real muscle.


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