How To Get More Protein In Your Diet

. Note: this is not a short post. It will take you ~8-9 minutes to read. You bought raw almonds and organic quinoa because some hipster doofus tossed them on his “top 7 protein sources,” click-baity, half-assed, blog post. . Hoping to lean out and drop some bodyfat, you got home and realized these foods were utterly useless… Read more

8 Practical Tips for a Weight Room Beginner

You want to give it a shot. The weight room, that is. Seemingly everyone says strength training should be the focus of a good exercise regimen, but you’ve never ventured away from the safety of old faithful, CARDIO. Or maybe you are just beginning your fitness journey. You’re new. Like, straight out the box, fresh,… Read more


I am offering a 100% FREE service to anyone in the world. I’m serious. I want to help you burn fat, build some muscle and feel better about yourself.  Here’s how. Count Yo Macros! What is the #1 roadblock between you and the body you desire? It’s not your training. It’s not your sleep. It’s… Read more

So You Feel A Little Insecure?

Note: This post is 1800 words. That means it will take you about 6 minutes to read – longer than an average post. It’s pretty good and discusses a subject that we all deal with everyday, whether consciously or not. If you don’t have time to read it right now, I’d encourage you to bookmark it for… Read more

Calories Matter – Stop Bashing the First Law

Note: This article was originally published on Fitocracy which is a bad-ass fitness website that serves both your social media and workout tracking fixes. ++++++++++ At some point in the last 12-18 months, it became cool to rebel against the energy equation. You know, the first law of thermodynamics. Energy In – Energy Out = Weight… Read more

7 Easy Ways to Not Get Fat in College

Dollar beers and wild tailgates. Plus, no shortage of your favorite gluttony – from cheesy bread to cheesesteaks.   College is amazing. The best years of your life, many would argue. But the lifestyle can take a toll on your waistline if you let it. So, how do can you strike a balance between party animal and… just plain… Read more

How to Weigh Meat – Cooked or Raw?

  If you’ve ever counted macros, you know some foods present a bit of trouble. Chobani, easy. Mom’s manicotti, not so easy. For many of these not-so-easy foods, the solution is a food scale. Weighing food on a scale removes the error that accompanies measuring cups/spoons. But, there is one food group that still confuses… Read more

The Problem With Your Abs

I’m sorry.  Like, really sorry. For years, I have said not to train your abs. You will get all necessary abdominal work through squats, deadlifts and pull ups — floppin’ around on the floor is just wasting your time. HOWEVER, I am returning to the round table of crunches, planks and leg raises with an open mind…. Read more