How Many Calories Do I Need? Part II

Lakes, pool parties and BBQs – summer is coming.  It’s swimsuit time.  Maybe you want to add mass to your shoulders and chest.  Maybe you want to tighten things up or “tone” (read: fat loss).  We’re gonna get into all that fun stuff here. We covered calorie counting and estimating caloric maintenance in part I…. Read more

How Many Calories Do I Need? Part 1

First and foremost, let’s understand and accept this: . Calories Consumed – Calories Expended = Weight gain/loss . For a refresher on the subject, check out my Beginner’s Guide. Counting Most people view calorie counting as an obsessive, neurotic, annoying thing to do.  In most cases, I tend to agree.  Diet and exercise should be… Read more

You Are Going to Die Someday

“YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION:  IF YOU WERE TO DIE RIGHT NOW, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR LIFE?” -Tyler Durden (Fight Club 1999) I think about death every day.  For the majority of my life, death has terrified me more than anything else.  The thought of my own death has brought… Read more

When Will It Be Enough?

I remember a time when my squat was 135 pounds.  I saw a friend in the gym one day, a guy a couple years older than me and someone I admired.  He was front squating 185 with amazing form.  I remember thinking: “Man, if I could even back squat 185 like that I’d be so happy.  I would be content squatting… Read more

New Year’s Resolutions – Don’t Make One

  It’s that time of year.  An arbitrary number of days have passed, and we flip our calenders to read xxxx+1.  Many people frame the new year as a “fresh start” providing a spark of temporary motivation to improve some aspect of their life. “…Lose weight …Drink less …Read more …Spend time with friends and… Read more

The Greatest Accomplishment in the History of Sports

  Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings face the Houston Texans tomorrow in a week 16 road game.  The Vikings (8-6) are in contention for an NFC wildcard spot. Credit our defensive for playing above average by Viking’s standards. But the real story here is Adrian Peterson.  All Day leads the league with 1,812 rushing yards… Read more

Rise From The Ashes

People love a guy who rises from the ashes.  Remember that. If you haven’t seen The Count of Monte Cristo, stop reading and go watch it immediately.  If you’re ok with some spoilers on this 2002 film, then proceed. I stumbled across this movie on TV this afternoon and watched the whole thing.  It inspired me… Read more

What Comes Next?

This is the first post from a personal blog I started when I quit my corporate job.  I think it details my thought process and outlook on life at the time fairly well. Originally published 7/3/2012 Last Friday, four days ago, I acted on a decision that I had been wrestling with for three years.  I… Read more