I am offering a 100% FREE service to anyone in the world.

I’m serious.

I want to help you burn fat, build some muscle and feel better about yourself.  Here’s how.

Count Yo Macros!

What is the #1 roadblock between you and the body you desire?

It’s not your training. It’s not your sleep. It’s not the types of food or timing of your meals.

You just eat too much. And you probably eat too little protein.

The solution is simple: Count your macros.  But simple doesn’t always mean easy.

What stops most people from tracking macronutrients?

Making oatmeal and eggs for breakfast is easy.  It’s really straightforward using a measuring cup or checking a nutrition label in the comfort of your own home.

Here is when it gets difficult:

  • You are out to dinner and the restaurant doesn’t publish their nutrition
  • You are at a BBQ and can’t add up everything on your plate.
  • You are at a friend’s house and don’t feel like saying

“hey please tell me the ingredients in this baked dish, also include the yolk:white ratio of these eggs, and was butter or cooking spray used?”

Your frustrated.  You know you gotta hit 150/125/72 for the day, but you have no idea if you’ve blown it in this one meal. And since you’ve basically ruined this whole macro-counting thing, may as well just biinnnnngggeeee.


I’m here to help.

Next time you have no idea what the macros are on your plate do this:

  • Take a picture (let’s be honest, you were going to do this anyway)
  • Upload to Instagram of Twitter
  • Tag @mikevacanti with #countmymacros

That’s it!

I’ll get back to you ASAP with my guess or possibly a question in the comments to help me get it right.

What makes me so great at guessing macros?

I am a world champion macro-calculator — I’ve been doing it for decades and I am the best. Period.

And let’s be honest, you can’t even ballpark that country fried steak, gravy, sausage, hashbrown, muffin plate in front of you. So why don’t you just let me handle this.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Here’s the truth.

I laid in bed for 20 minutes the other night as I mindlessly scanned images of cats, dogs, sunsets, duckface (surprisingly, from both sexes) and plates of average looking food.  I was about to delete instagram from my phone for good because it added absolutely no value to my life.

But what if it did have value...

Du-dummmm. #countmymacros @ontheregimen

Give it a try and I”ll get back to you ASAP, so we can move you right along to dominating yer fitnezz.





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