Always be willing to die

. Note: This is a “short post” (what’s that?) . Everything is shaking. Your muscles tense and your stomach drops. Every bump brings you slight panic. Enough to interrupt your previous thought with the terrifying assurance that you are minutes from crashing to your death. Occasionally, you shake it off, citing positive data on commercial… Read more

Why you NEED to know your “Life Hourly”

. Note: This is a “short post” (what’s that?)   I won’t do anything that does not generate at least $1000/hour. There I was. Just a few days into my new life. On Saturday I overbet bluffed a missed flush draw for a significant portion of my net worth. He called with four-of-a-kind. Jacks. On… Read more

Ride your deepest pain to greatness

. Note: This is a “short post” (what’s that?)   You are completely wasting this. His face contorted in disgust. Not because there was a lacrosse ball jammed under his scapula, but because he was so disappointed in me. “Seriously, you are making a huge mistake. You are throwing away a huge opportunity. This could… Read more

What is a “short post”

Mike! Why don’t you ever write anymore?? That’s me in the picture. I’m sad. Mostly, because I seem to never write. But also, because my intermittent fasting regimen didn’t include the ice cream breakfast I so desperately wanted. Writing Problem Solved: Under the Blog section, you will now see both “Articles” and “Short Posts.” Shorts posts: 200-500 words… Read more