What is a “short post”

Mike! Why don’t you ever write anymore??

That’s me in the picture.

I’m sad.

Mostly, because I seem to never write. But also, because my intermittent fasting regimen didn’t include the ice cream breakfast I so desperately wanted.

Writing Problem Solved: Under the Blog section, you will now see both “Articles” and “Short Posts.”

Shorts posts:

  • 200-500 words
  • Both fitness AND non-fitness content
  • Videos and Q&As
  • Multiple posts per week
  • Not always posted on social media (so you’ll have to check back here)
  • Often opinion or experience based


  • 500-4000 words
  • Fitness content (usually)
  • Less frequently published
  • Researched, scientifically supported and comprehensive
  • Emailed or posted on facebook


After months of nonsensical, self-inflicted pressure to make everything I publish something Hemingway wouldn’t hate, I decided to add the short post functionality.

Hopefully this will open me up and provide you guys with more quality content.

If you have questions or topics you want me to discuss in these “short posts,” leave a comment below!


If you’re new, be sure to grab my free beginner’s fitness guide. Many have called it life-changing.

Or, you can browse all short posts here.

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