Ride your deepest pain to greatness


Note: This is a “short post” (what’s that?)


You are completely wasting this.

His face contorted in disgust. Not because there was a lacrosse ball jammed under his scapula, but because he was so disappointed in me.

“Seriously, you are making a huge mistake. You are throwing away a huge opportunity. This could be a book, Mike.”

I just looked at him. Deadpan. Lips pressed together. Emotionless. But on the inside, I was fucking pissed. Fuck you, I thought. An emotional response, absent any logic, to a doubter of my work ethic.

“I know you are documenting weight and macros and data, and all that stuff’s great. But you need to be writing about this story.

I interjected, indirectly.

“Alright Gary, chin ups. Eight reps, let’s go” in a voice that masked my inner rage.

But he was right.

I was wasting it.


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