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Father’s Day

People talk about the “aha” moment when you realize that your parents are real human beings.  You take them off that pedestal they stood throughout your childhood, and you view them differently.  Not necessarily better or worse, but they become real people. They have made mistakes in their life.  They too snuck out after curfew… Read more

Is Fitness Just About Sex?

I know, I know, I owe you guys the final piece of The Alcohol Regimen. Sometimes an ex-accountant turned fitness guy and mediocre writer sits down and something altogether different spills out. *********** I joke around about the point of this stuff, fitness that is.  I take a sarcastic angle raising sex appeal above all… Read more

The Alcohol Regimen: Part 1 – Intro

Recent studies have shown that calories from beer are primarily stored in the lower abs while the poisonous alcohol attacks the biceps, reducing circumference by approximately ¼ inch per 16 oz. Really? No, [*smack* side of head] not really. We, as people who care about the health and appearance of our bodies (mostly just the appearance though),… Read more

Why “Getting Your Butt Kicked!” is NOT Good

So, in the past week: The membership sales lady at Equinox spent 20 minutes pitching classes that would “kick my butt!” My sister got a hernia after two weeks of CrossFit Lady, did you ever think maybe 1000 reps of bodyweight nonsense isn’t optimal for my goals? “You gotta try pilates!  Pilates will kick your… Read more

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone?  Like steroids?  Isn’t that bad for you… and illegal?  And doesn’t it make your balls shrink like Sammy Sosa? No.  Get that thought out of your head. Testosterone is not dangerous.  It is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body of every single man and woman on earth. Testosterone is a good… Read more

Online Personal Training – Internet v Gym

So… you sit on your computer.  And I sit on my computer. And I get ripped out of my mind? Dear Reader, I’d be mad if you WEREN’T skeptical. Personal training online is a novel concept.  So novel, in fact, that some visitors don’t even know that I offer any kind of service. Traditionally, personal training meant:… Read more