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Sleep – For More Muscle and Less Fat

Nate shouted it for the 15th time.  At 2:30am, while copy/pasting numbers on Microsoft Excel in our hotel room, the 50 Cent quote was as entertaining as it was motivating. “Sleep is for those people who are broke!” (4:48) Save this video for preworkout time and continue to knowledge below . I think this soundbite… Read more

Story Behind Rocky

You know what is more inspirational than Rocky v Ivan Drago? You mean the Soviet Union flipping on their own guy and cheering for the USA mid Cold War?  Uh huh, I do. Stallone’s ACTUAL story.  Worth your 10 minutes, trust me. .

The Beginner vs. The Buffoon

  The free weight section of the gym is an intimidating place for beginners.  Hiding near the inner-thigh squeeze machine or the cardio equipment feels safer than venturing into the unknown. Huge men in tank tops are lurking in that unfamiliar territory.  They grunt, drink water by the gallon and through the chalky air appear to be real… Read more

Quit Drinking Lattes and Receive $77,000

It’s an amazing drug. There are times we feel invincible, super-human, unbreakable.  We lose common sense and forget our limitations; we focus with tunnel vision to achieve true clarity or creativity. Combine caffeine with the right song and it’s game over. Deadlift PR or 15 page term paper – it doesn’t matter.  No challenge is unfeasible…. Read more

How Many Calories Do I Need? Part II

Lakes, pool parties and BBQs – summer is coming.  It’s swimsuit time.  Maybe you want to add mass to your shoulders and chest.  Maybe you want to tighten things up or “tone” (read: fat loss).  We’re gonna get into all that fun stuff here. We covered calorie counting and estimating caloric maintenance in part I…. Read more

How Many Calories Do I Need? Part 1

First and foremost, let’s understand and accept this: . Calories Consumed – Calories Expended = Weight gain/loss . For a refresher on the subject, check out my Beginner’s Guide. Counting Most people view calorie counting as an obsessive, neurotic, annoying thing to do.  In most cases, I tend to agree.  Diet and exercise should be… Read more