Father’s Day

People talk about the “aha” moment when you realize that your parents are real human beings.  You take them off that pedestal they stood throughout your childhood, and you view them differently.  Not necessarily better or worse, but they become real people.

They have made mistakes in their life.  They too snuck out after curfew and partied in high school, or whatever.

For me, this realization occurred later than for most.

Since then, my relationship with my dad has grown.  We became closer, and though I will always admire and pedestal him to a degree, he became less of an authority and more of a best friend.

During this time period, call it five years, I have also witnessed the damaging impact that fatherless homes have on children – promiscuous girls and emasculated boys.

This observation caused me to feel something I hadn’t before, gratuity.  I am eternally blessed that my dad is my dad.

You Could Die Today, So Express Yourself

If you had a dad who taught you important life lessons, nurtured you emotionally, supported you financially, cared about your well-being, listened to you, gave you advice, punished you, loved you and/or just gave a single fuck about you…

If you had a dad who put his personal dreams and ambitions aside to raise you, who consciously and intently was the leader of your family, and who made your dreams and goals his passion and priority…

Say, “Thank you.”

Say, “I love you.”

Say, “God, I am grateful that you are my dad.”

Seriously, go say it right now.  Go see him, or at least call him.

Not Everyone Is That Lucky

Now, maybe you didn’t have this person in your life.

That’s OK.  Don’t resent him.  I know people whose deadbeat dads gave them the chip on their shoulder that fostered great accomplishment.  Harness any ill will and use it as motivation to chase your vision and achieve your life purpose.

If you were missing this person in your life, BE this parent to your child or future child.  BE this person to your community.  BE a role model, a mentor, a positive influence.  BE the type of man or woman who makes the lives of every person around you better.

Happy Father’s day to all of you dads, especially you, Dad.

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