The Hero’s Abs are Irrelevant

. I will preface this post by saying “hero worship” is obviously bad. But, if that means you can’t learn something from Mufasa or Albus Dumbledore or General Maximus, then I’m sad for you.   Bruce Wayne has a 46 inch chest. Katniss Everdeen’s rear delt definition is pure sex. Arms like Maximus. Serratus like… Read more

Video/Design Job Opening: Apply Within

. Job not for you? **$200 and some free online coaching if you refer someone and I hire them   Hi, I’m Mike. I am a writer, online fitness coach and trainer for Gary Vaynerchuk. I am seeking: full time help with video/design Ideally, I want you to be a combination of these two guys: d-rock and zak… Read more

“Mike, how’d you do it?”

. I feel like a dickhead writing this. Because it implies I have “made it” or “figured it out.” And I haven’t. But every single day I get emails and texts and facebook messages from guys who want advice. So, here you go.   The two things I’ve done to get “here”   #1 Love… Read more

A daily youtube show?

Equals & Alternatives is a video series where writer and fitness coach, Mike Vacanti (me) reviews popular food choices. Some people will say the show is dumb. They will say it is too simple and below my pay grade. I disagree. Here’s why: The other day, my own mother asked me, “Michael, what are macros?” I’ve been blabbing about… Read more