3 Year Life Update

. November 1, 2019 Hello Hello Hello… Things have been quiet on the blog! Here are some quick bullet points from the past 3 years: July 2016 – Finished my two year deal coaching Gary Vaynerchuk August 2016 – Spent a few months in Minnesota training my Father into the best shape of his life… Read more


. I sat on the floor of my apartment. My whiteboard in front of me. I stood up, drew something, and sat back down. Years later, I still reflect back on this drawing… It was a profound moment in my life: the realization that almost none of my best ideas come to fruition. They live as dreams. And they… Read more

Look and FEEL Better (my very first product!)

  Hey! I created a training program that will get you leaner, stronger, and feeling better. You can purchase it here. But first, here is the truth about buying “training programs” online. If you do it, you will see insane results. If you half ass it, you will see mediocre results. If you buy it and… Read more

Important Lessons From My 11 Week Reverse Bet

. Three months ago, I wrote a five figure check to Aaron Rodgers and gave it to my roommate. I told him: If I don’t accomplish the following goals, make sure A-rog gets this cashed. Here was my list: Post Daily To Instagram 6x/week+ YouTube Uploads One Blog Post Per Week Email My Newsletter 1x/week Meditate 10+… Read more

It All Matters

. My grandpa is a badass 80 year old dude. He served his country. He grinded odd jobs for income. And he worked 36 years as United States Post Office, including many years of night shifts. And here he is chopping wood this summer (0:16): During lunch yesterday, my grandpa was telling stories. In 1991 he… Read more

33 Facts About “Macros”

. I said it four years ago, and I believe it today: Learning how to track your macronutrients is the most important thing you can do for taking control of your, health, body, and fitness progress. This does NOT mean you have to track forever. And it does NOT mean you should abandon whole foods for… Read more

My 50 Favorite Pieces Of Motivational Content

. Motivation, as a subject, seems to polarize people into two opposing camps. those who “love” motivation, “need” motivation, and would be dominating life “if they could just get more” motivation. And across a divide of film score laced pump up speeches… those who are disgusted by motivation, discrediting it of any merit whatsoever. Both are camps are wrong. Does Motivation Have… Read more

Free Meal Plans

. People constantly ask if I will make meal plans. So, I did. But before we get into those, I want to explain the merit of meal plans and how you can use them to make progress toward your goals. Do Meal Plans Work? Short Answer: Yes Long Answer: It Depends I’ll explain. Pros of Meal Plans: you know exactly… Read more


. Recently, I have been in a really good mood. Like, for a month straight. And while luck can take partial credit – no one close to me dying, running above EV on bumble, an undefeated Vikings team – I believe there are a handful of controllable factors contributing to my heightened mean happiness. Wow,… Read more