Should I Do Cardio for Fat Loss?

. We did it again. We overreacted in the short term. 10 years ago, the key to getting beach ready was two hours/day of cardio-cardio-cardio. Then, someone caught wind of a pretty sexy idea: let’s get omg-lean without cardio. Lift heavy. Count your macros. Zero cardio’ing.  It seems to work for some folks, but is… Read more

What Those Scale-Weight Fluctuations Really Mean

You wake up and step on the scale. After emptying the bladder, but before breakfast of course. THREE POUNDS HEAVIER THAN YESTERDAY? Is that even possible? They say 3500 calories = one pound of bodyfat, but you didn’t eat 10,000 yesterday. How did you gain 3 pounds? Short term fluctuations in bodyweight are caused by… Read more

The Best Type Of Training For A Woman

. Should men and women use the same training methodology? The topic dates me, debated tirelessly for years. Rooted in a fear of developing masculine physical features – broad shoulders, bulging biceps and thick upper legs – females searching for honest, quality information often come across a dispute between two teams: Team “Lifting makes girls… Read more

8 Practical Tips for a Weight Room Beginner

You want to give it a shot. The weight room, that is. Seemingly everyone says strength training should be the focus of a good exercise regimen, but you’ve never ventured away from the safety of old faithful, CARDIO. Or maybe you are just beginning your fitness journey. You’re new. Like, straight out the box, fresh,… Read more

How To Count Your Macros (A Comprehensive Guide)

This is a comprehensive guide that details how to count macronutrients. The information is clear and simple. It is best suited for beginners, but it could also serve as a refresher for anyone. In this article, we will cover the following: What are macros? How to really read a nutrition label (and sift through the BS) Foods with and… Read more