A daily youtube show?

Equals & Alternatives is a video series where writer and fitness coach, Mike Vacanti (me) reviews popular food choices. Some people will say the show is dumb. They will say it is too simple and below my pay grade. I disagree. Here’s why: The other day, my own mother asked me, “Michael, what are macros?” I’ve been blabbing about… Read more

How To Get More Protein In Your Diet

. Note: this is not a short post. It will take you ~8-9 minutes to read. You bought raw almonds and organic quinoa because some hipster doofus tossed them on his “top 7 protein sources,” click-baity, half-assed, blog post. . Hoping to lean out and drop some bodyfat, you got home and realized these foods were utterly useless… Read more

How gary vaynerchuk lost 22 pounds in 90 days

  My phone buzzes. Gary. G: I want to talk to you. G: About something very rogue. M: I’m intrigued. G: Call you later.   Needless to say, a Sunday afternoon text from @Garyvee tickled my inner-fanboy. That’s not where this story begins though. You see, six months prior, I received a text from my good… Read more

How To Deal With Diet Haters (5 tips)

Thursday night. Anticipation and excitement. The kind that precedes celebration: love, unity and of course, shirtless wedding reception degeneracy (pics below).  After catching up with my best friends during cocktail hour, we settle down for the Groom’s Dinner. Salad and bread are served, and then it happens. “VACANTI PROBABLY DOESN’T EAT BREADDDDDD,” jokingly taunted my buddy’s girlfriend.  … Read more