Amy, 42

Choosing to work with Mike Vacanti is the best choice I have ever made…

for meeting my health and fitness goals. And I’ve tried everything – I’ve run countless miles, I’ve done CrossFit and P90X, I’ve followed New Rules of Lifting for Women and Stronglifts and Starting Strength, I’ve Zumba’d, and kickboxed, and logged a zillion hours in the cardio room at my gym.  None of that even came CLOSE to giving me the results I’ve seen while working with Mike.

It’s not because he knows how to put together a great workout program – though he certainly does.  My workouts are challenging and also achievable, and he makes sure that they change and evolve as I do.  It’s resulted in fat loss coupled with muscle gain that I wouldn’t have thought possible.

And it’s not because he understands nutrition – though he really knows his stuff in this area, too. Training and non-training day macros enable an eating style that compliments the workout plan, with ways to make yummy things (like ice cream) fit within those macros. Plus, he provides guidelines for how and when to really treat yourself – because Mike gets that we live in a world with various temptations and social events. He teaches that those things don’t have to derail you – in fact, they can be a manageable part of a healthy lifestyle.

And it’s not because he’s making such a name for himself within the fitness community – though he deserves every bit of that recognition. There are plenty of well-known trainers and coaches out there, some of them great, and some of them not-so-great. And while it’s certainly fun to read an article about how awesome Mike is, and get to say to my friends, “That’s MY trainer!”, we all know that high visibility doesn’t necessarily mean high-quality.

The real reason why Mike is the best – and I mean THE BEST – is because he’s more than a trainer or a coach, he’s a true partner in physical and emotional health. He listens, and I mean really listens. He’s incredibly thoughtful with regard to his clients – my specific goals, my preferences, my history, my hang-ups – he considers all of these, and creates and tweaks a program that is best for ME, in each phase of my progress. And because of this, I trust him completely. That’s invaluable.

Great trainer, great motivator, great listener, great human. Like I said, THE BEST.


Before Photo  – 203 lbs

After Photo  – 168 lbs.


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