Equals & Alternatives Episode 21: Yogurt Covered Raisins and Milky Way Bites (51)


[1:25]  Yogurt-covered raisins are super easy to over-consume.

[3:00]  Just because it seems “natural” and “chemical-free” doesn’t make it better for you.

[4:24]  Be careful with calorie-dense food that are marketed as “healthy.” You can easily and unintentionally fall into a calorie surplus.

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  • Big Fan

    Sun Maid Yogurt Covered raisins come in normal 28 gram boxes at 120 calories each a reasonable satisfying size. If you have 196 grams of these which is an unspeakable amount it would only be 840 calories and 28 grams of fat. With food comparisons we should probably use the brand most people eat or the numbers can be skewed and untruthful. One serving of Yogurt covered raisins are a great alternative to dessert or a sweet snack. The reminder here should be always eat in moderation and pay attention to sugar content not comparing a reasonable once in a while snack to candy.

    April 15, 2019 at 2:11 pm | Reply to this comment

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