Are Eggs Bad For You? (and other questions you should never ask again)


Is bartending a good job?

I don’t know. Are you an introverted recovering alcoholic who likes to go to bed early? Then no, it’s not.

What’s better a porsche or a chevy?

I don’t know. Are you a recently divorced middle-aged LA resident, or a lumberjack working 14 hour days in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Should you quit your shitty accounting j–

You can see where this is going

When you ask:

are eggs healthy?

I need you to tell me about yourself.

Are you trying to lose fat or build muscle?

Are you an athlete?

Do you have a specific reason not to eat eggs?

Do you exercise?

What does your training look like?

Is your food budget large or small?

What else are you eating with your eggs?

What else are you eating during that day?

Show me a random day of eating from the last couple months.

Do eggs fit your macros today?

Do you know what macros are?

Do you LIKE eggs?

There hasn’t been a week in the last two years when I didn’t eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Is Ben & Jerry’s healthy?

By standards of nutrition dogma, specific food hatred, obsessive clean eating ideologies, government food pyramids and even common sense…. with a gun to my head forcing a binary outcome – healthy or unhealthy – without any relevant information… I would categorize Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream as unhealthy.

But can ice cream fit into balanced diet of proteins, produce, strength training and sleep?

You bet.

Single food choices, in and of themselves, are never good or bad.

Nutrition is contextual

Just like training and recovery and occupation and what kind of whip you drive are all contextual.

That’s it.

Insert: clever, impactful sentence elegantly playing off the intro so to cement this 341 word thought dump into your brain.

The End.


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