Become Gary Vaynerchuk’s Full-Time Health Coach


Gary and I are in the process of scouting for his next coach.

And fitting lamb chops into his macros will be part of your job!



Location: New York City

Start Date: July 2016 (with a min commitment two years)

Pay: Competitive. However, the real upside is in the mentorship and guidance in growing your business. Without getting into details, the revenue of On The Regimen has tripled since I began coaching Gary.

Job Description

  • Train Gary daily.
  • Train Gary’s wife, Lizzie, daily.
  • Take care of nutrition and supplementation for both Gary and Lizzie
  • Travel with Gary (probably 70-80 days/year)

While the job doesn’t require an insane time commitment, it does require a great deal of consistency.

Meaning, there is no rolling around in bed nursing a hangover Sunday morning; you will be in the gym at 6:00am hitting a workout before the Jets game tailgate.

So, while there is plenty of time to grow your online brand on the side, this isn’t a take-loads-of-pto kind of job.

Having some of that #hustle is preferred 😉


How This Process Works

Gary wants me to screen applicants and find the absolute best 5-10 for him to personally interview.

So, apply below if you are interested.

And please share this page with anyone you think is a superstar in fitness and would be a good fit.



Q: Why do I have to train Gary daily? That isn’t necessary to make progress.

A: I know. I only train 3x/week myself, and just look at how ripped I appear with a proper Instagram filter. Gary is a momentum guy and wants to train daily. Some days may be basketball, yoga, cardio, or stretching. But he wants to do something every day.


Q: What does Gary want to accomplish?

A: In no particular order: Gary wants an aesthetic physique, continued increases in flexibility and decreases in back pain, to be a stud at basketball …. basically, to look/feel good, keep getting stronger, and live longer as a result.



Who Wants It?


Apply Here to be Gary Vaynerchuk's Next Coach

Become Gary's next health coach

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