Personal Training (NYC)

Don’t live in New York?  I got something for ya: online coaching


Guess what, personal training doesn’t work.

What I mean is, it rarely helps people achieve the normal goals, ya know:
  • Lose fat
  • Build muscle
  • Look better

Yes, this is terrible lead into my training services.

But I don’t want to sell you (I hate sales)

I want to give you the truth.



Personal Training Doesn’t Work

Five Reasons 


In other words, clients rarely reach their goals through personal training, here’s why:


1. The Workouts “Kick Your Butt!!”

How the average person measures a workout:

  • Am I sore?
  • Did I sweat?
  • Am I tired?

Look, any trainer with a clipboard can make a workout “tough.”

Bowling makes you sore, and pole dancing class makes you sweat, it doesn’t mean you’re getting lean and building muscle.

On The Regimen programming is specific to your individual goal: Lose 20 pounds for a wedding in 8 weeks, bench press 250 pounds or get bodyfat below 10% – your training will be customized to this outcome.


2. Nutrition Gets Neglected

It baffles me that in 2014 people still do not understand the importance of proper nutrition.

You CANNOT outrun your fork, or whatever that cliche is – You can’t overcome a poor diet with training.

Nutrition is my bread and butter. I have coached over 1000 nutrition clients in the last year, more than any other coach I know. I design and manage diets that help people lose fat and look great.

It’s how I got these guys looking and feeling great. You can take a look at my philosophies on macros and weight loss psychology if you like, just understand that kitchen and gym are equally important on this regimen.


3. No Accountability

Say you spend 2-3 hours/week with your trainer.

What about the other 165 hours?

Sipping whiskey cokes at 3am or splurging for seconds on dessert because “you’ll burn it off Monday?”

I offer constant email support, mandatory weekly progress forms and 24/7 accessibility.

If you have a birthday dinner and need help choosing a menu item or you’re freaking out about a work party, just shoot me a note and I’ll take care of you immediately. Even when we aren’t together, I am with you 100% of the way.

You will never feel alone.


4. Cookie-Cutter Training Programs

I’ve met trainers who use the same program for every single client – regardless of the goal.


Every person is different. Each individual has different goals. Everyone moves differently. Some should be squatting more, others should be deadlifting more, still others need corrective work for imbalances.

This is all reflected in the customized training program you will receive.


5. Trainers Pander to Client Requests

Jimmy wants six-pack abs, so Jimmy requests extra ab exercises.

Trainers and gym owners say, “we have to give the client what they want!” so they spend the last 15 minutes of a workout doing abdominal circuits.

Pssssh, forget that.

If you know me, or read my site, you know this myth is 100% BS and that spot-reducing fat is likely impossible, or at least very inefficient. My Free Beginner’s Fitness Guide dispels this myth as well as many others, if you’re interested.

Instead, I would tell Jimmy that I’ll get him abs, but crunching his brains out isn’t the solution.



If you want to work with me, you can apply here:

Include “Training with Mike” in the subject line so I don’t miss it.




Look, if you’re reading this page, I want to help you.

I love training people. I love watching a transformation – seeing you become a more confident, happier, more assertive, better version of yourself.  I love knowing your life is better and that I contributed to that.

But I can’t help everyone – I just don’t have time. Financially, training in the gym doesn’t even make sense for me.

I still keep a small roster of 5-6 clients because I LOVE training (k, we get it – you love training)

So, needless to say, I am pretty selective when it comes to taking on new clients.


Please Do Not Apply If:

  • You can’t commit 45 minutes, 3x/week to the gym
  • You are unwilling to make the lifestyle changes necessary (nutrition and all that jazz)
  • You want to throw money at someone to fix your problems, rather than dedicate yourself to the process


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