“Mike, how’d you do it?”

. I feel like a dickhead writing this. Because it implies I have “made it” or “figured it out.” And I haven’t. But every single day I get emails and texts and facebook messages from guys who want advice. So, here you go.   The two things I’ve done to get “here”   #1 Love… Read more

How To Deal With Diet Haters (5 tips)

Thursday night. Anticipation and excitement. The kind that precedes celebration: love, unity and of course, shirtless wedding reception degeneracy (pics below).  After catching up with my best friends during cocktail hour, we settle down for the Groom’s Dinner. Salad and bread are served, and then it happens. “VACANTI PROBABLY DOESN’T EAT BREADDDDDD,” jokingly taunted my buddy’s girlfriend.  … Read more

If Everyone Knew This, No One Would Be Fat

I haven’t posted anything in about a month. That’s a really long time, and I’m sorry. The truth is, I have been busy coaching clients. In fact, seeing dozens of these folks recently drop huge amounts of fat (like, between 10 and 35 pounds) inspired me to write.   Should I Read This Post?? Reading… Read more