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. Recently, I have been in a really good mood. Like, for a month straight. And while luck can take partial credit – no one close to me dying, running above EV on bumble, an undefeated Vikings team – I believe there are a handful of controllable factors contributing to my heightened mean happiness. Wow,… Read more

“You Are An Asshole”

. It was a warm weekday afternoon in late September. The kind of day you probably should have put on shorts, but already made a habit of wearing pants. Leaves turning colors, and the polarizing feeling of cool air blowing on your face and hot sun on your skin. I was driving from the Eden Prairie… Read more

12 Things I Learned From The Creator Of Nike

. Shoe Dog was the best book I have read in years. It is the origin story of Nike, written by Nike’s creator Phil Knight. I didn’t love the book because I love Nike, or because it’s well-written, or because it’s the first page-turner I’ve ever experienced in the audio-book format; though, those are all… Read more

Slings & Arrows

. A disproportion percentage of you guys are content creators, a function of my training garyvee. I know this, because I have answered hundreds of questions on how: how do I start vlogging? how do I get online clients? how do I explain to my girlfriend/parents/etc I want to quit my job and chase my passion… Read more

Impure Motivations & Legendary Outcomes

. My heart was racing. And my hands were sweating. I nervously took another step toward her front door. With a bouquet of roses in my left hand, my eyes were fixated on the doorbell.    At 16 years old, this was nerve-racking stuff. But let me be clear, this was not your ordinary boy… Read more

Some Unconventional Thoughts On Saving Money

. I love ‘aha’ moments. Mainly, because having one means I went 29 years without recognizing something, and a single sentence shifted my perspective. So, I really enjoyed this outlook on savings that Multimillionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bill Perkins shared while on the One Poker Life podcast: “Those who save money, generally save too much.”… Read more

How To Explain Fitness To Your Parents

. Once upon a time, in a city just like yours or mine, there lived a young man named Ricky. Smart, shy, and dorky; with great taste in fiction (house stark) and average taste in caffeine (red bull); Ricky was a good ‘ol authority-respecting boy. There was one additional quality Ricky had always… carried around with… Read more